Osteoarthritis is the degeneration and plastic deformation of the surfaces of an articulation subjected to the load of the kinetic chain of the body segment burdened or not by body weight and gravity acceleration force.

Articular surfaces have -within certain limits- adaptive elastic capabilities, in reacting to force vectors acting on them; but when they reach the limit of plastic deformation, ie when applied forces exceed the limit of adaptability and self-restoring of cartilage, this starts degenerative phenomena which, little by little or rapidly depending on the mechanical case and on the subject, lead at last to the loss of native form of the joint surfaces themselves, with morphological alteration.

This fact causes inemendabile alteration and progressive maldistribution of functional loads, both at rest and during activity.

The loss of normal articular together with these progressive deformity produce pain and worsening functional limitation, with progressive deterioration on the quality of life of patients and thet’s why they look for the orthopedic surgeon to restore their wellness.

In case of quite advanced arthrosis, surgical operations altering load transmission on joint surfaces (eg osteotomies) may solve the situation, in order to delay more radical surgical solutions, represented by metal articular surface coating prostheses (total or partial, cemented or not), both for the small and large articulations.