The main bone and joint diseases (traumatic and degenerative diseases), tendon and neurological hand are treated by Dr. Vassoney in his private practice.

Carpal tunnel syndrome, if not responding to physiotherapic therapy and infiltrations (as indicated in its earliest stages), and if EMG detects a neurological early or accentuated deficit, is treated by surgical tissue sparing release of the median nerve at the wrist, under local anesthesia.

Similar treatment for diseases such De Quervain syndrome, Guyon ulnar trapping and snapping finger (thumb ‘Notta’ disease snap, etc.).

Plexus anesthesia is performed in more complex surgical treatments (like hand aponeurectomy, more or less selective or enlarged) in retractile fasciitis of the hand (Dupuytren’s syndrome), in day-hospital, as well as interventions of traumatology of the hand and wrist, under fluoroscopic control when necessary.

Functional rehabilitation is followed into the expert hands of a trusted physiotherapist.