Patellofemoral joint diseases are a complex and fascinating issue, and when surgery is indicated Dr. Vassoney treats them with arthroscopic and mini open surgical techniques (always ‘arthroscopically-assisted’).

The stability of the patella may be abnormal due to anatomic causes (atrophy of the external femoral condyle, hypoplasia patellar facet, shallow intercondilar femoral throat), alteration of the tendinous insertion (‘high’ or ‘low’ patella), or ligament alterations (altered alar ligaments balance).

After a correct radiological screening (targeted use of radiography, Tagt-CT scan and MRI) one can determine the prevalent cause of patellar disorder, and precise surgical correction of these abnormalities restores natural patellofemoral tracking, removing the mechanical cause of cartilage and osteo-chondral damage of patellofemoral joint.

The surgical techniques used by Dr. Vassoney are always under arthroscopic control in order to achieve the correct treatment of patellar ligaments (external alarotomy and medial alaropexis), in combination, should the clinical case require it, anteromedial transposition of tibial tuberosity (in order to obtain a ‘Maquet’ effect) witn ‘mini open’ tissue sparing technique, sometimes in association with Medial Oblique Vastus tendon.

If patellofemoral joint is quite compromised, one can opt for a specific prosthetic solution (patellofemoral surface prosthesis, cemented).